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About H2H

About Highway 2 Heaven

Welcome to Highway 2 Heaven, the Bay Area and Silicon Valley's premiere, customizable motorcycle hearse company. We look forward to serving you and your family during your time of need.

Unique & Affordable

Highway 2 Heaven is a unique and affordable choice when determining how to transport your loved one or friend to interment. We are dedicated to changing how you view your funeral experience by offering a 21st century motorcycle carriage that is reminiscent of those who dared to be different.

Quality & Luxury

If you are seeking a different alternative in paying tribute that reflects the life style of your loved one or friend, our motorcycle carriage offers quality, luxury and uniqueness in a variety of custom design options that will surely complement their personality.

Timeless Elegance

Our motorcycle carriage is a symbol of timeless elegance and style bringing out the quality workmanship throughout the entire unit. This is clearly a showpiece worthy of transporting your love one or friend to their final destination.

Motorcycle Enthusiast

Our motorcycle carriage’s unique appearance is sure to leave a memorable impression. Our motorcycle carriage is the prime choice for family, friends, military, motorcycle enthusiast or anyone seeking an alternative to the traditional service.

As a former motor officer for the Oakland Police Department, I was truly amazed when I saw this magnificent vehicle. Everyone I tell about Highway 2 Heaven is blown away by the concept. I’m in no rush to be a passenger but when its time to take my last ride you can bet it’ll be with Highway2 Heaven.
Former Leather God, Retired Sgt. Mark Thomas

Safety Features & Engineering

Our motorcycle carriage manufacturer is the industry's leader in safety and engineering.

We utilize the leading motorcycle industry to manufacture our carriage. There are copies, but the quality of our motorcycle carriage has no equal. After each funeral procession, the carriage is serviced and maintained to showroom condition.


Our carriage connects to the Trike using engineering techniques similar to a 5th Wheel Trailer or a Fire Department Hook and Ladder Truck, which distributes the weight evenly; allowing for proper braking and steering. Our Harley Davidson motorcycle carriage is built as a single unit in a SAE Certified Vehicle Manufacturing facility and designed with enhancements that make them beautiful, durable and safe. But, some competitors use standard trailer hitch-to-ball connections to attach their carriages to their trikes. This is definitely not the safest, most secure way to go.

When selecting a motorcycle carriage company, choose Highway 2 Heaven and know you are choosing the best.

Thank you for your vision and for introducing a new and different alternative to the funeral industry. This concept is fantastic…and it’s AFFORDABLE! A sure winner.
Tom Tate, Los Angeles, CA

Customize Their Ride

Our luxury motorcycle carriage can be customized to represent the interests of your loved one.


We will work closely with you to create a custom design option that reflects the personality and lifestyle of your loved one such as sports, hobbies, their occupation etc. This custom decal/graphic will be installed onto the motorcycle carriage glass for your loved one’s funeral procession. Highway 2 Heaven is proud to offer this individualized feature to each of our valued customers.

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Armed Forces


Special Interests



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